Web Application Developer Diploma

Our Web Application developer program will be starting on Monday July 27th 2015. We offer a 52 week program which provides students with a solid foundation of HTML5, CSS,

Java Scrip tfundamentals, jQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, C# and ASP.net. In addition graduates will have an a strong knowledge of programming with SQL and Queries,as well as, understanding of engineering fundamentals including SDLC,Waterfall,Incremental/Agile methodologies, and OOA/OOP principals and use. There are many job opportunities offered in this line of work such as: Communication Engineers, Software Engineer, Games Developer, Database Administrator, Systems Analyst etc. On completion of this program career opportunities can be as a Web Programmer, Internet Site Developer, e-business Web site developer, Application Programmer Web Developer,  Web Master Web Manager, Web site Developer Intranet Site Designer…etc…

For more information on these programs or any other program that we offer, you can reach one of our educational counselors at our toll free number 1-888-683-1608 or directly at our main campus 416-383-1608.

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