Jason Cheng
Faculty of Technology

Jason Cheng is an instructor of the Industrial Electrician (PLC & Robotics) program at Stanford International College. Jason has a Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering and has over 30 years of work experience in the field. Some of his accomplishments include research and projects in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Digital Electronics and Electrical Devices.

Jason as been an instructor at Stanford as well as other renowned institutions for numerous years and brings with him an energetic personality that is devoted to teaching his students.

Jason possesses the ability to explain complex ideas in simple ways and this has given him the ability to have a profound reputation among his students. His passion and dedication to the field has earned him a Teaching Excellence Award in 2015. Stanford International College is proud to have Jason share his talent with his students.

Idris Salimi
Faculty of Trades

Idris Salimi is an instructor of the HVAC program and has over ten years of extensive experience in the HVAC industry. Idris is a holder of the Gas Technician Licence, and an Air Conditioning 313D with a Certificate from Humber College in Residential Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Along with his educational background, Idris has vast experience in repair, service, installation, customer service and administration. He has been a self employed sub-contractor in heating, ventilation and air conditioning for residential and commercial properties.

Idris’s knowledge and practical experience in HVAC allows him to prepare students for jobs in the industry.

Masih Rezaey
Faculty of Trades

Masih Rezaey has been a G2 instructor at Stanford International College as well as other community colleges and is seen as a role model of best practice in the industry. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wichita State University, KS, USA.

He worked as a gas network designer and distributor at the National Iranian Gas Company, Iran for over 20 years. Masih has also successfully acquired a G2 license and a 313D in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Along with his educational and practical experience, Masih possesses all the traits required to be an engaging instructor. Masih encourages trainee participation through good questioning and keeps his students captivated with a positive attitude. He is able to explain ideas so students are able to build on material they have already mastered.

Nathan Ragushankar
Faculty of Business

Nathan is a distinguished, results-oriented hotel management professional who has achieved over 18 years of success in managing food and beverage operations for world-class hotels in North American, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. He has worked at Hilton, Marriott, Fairmont and Sheraton Hotels. He has handled several management positions in the capacity of Department Head including a team of over 70 individuals in a unionized environment.

He practices a lead-by-example mandate in order to inspire staff to deliver peak performance in high intensity environments including corporate banquets and events involving large volumes.

Nathan has opened 3 world renowned restaurants and bars in Dubai and Colombo. He has launched the Trendy Proof Bar at InterContinental Hotel in Toronto. Nathan is a Certified Food and Beverage Executive with the American Hotel and Lodging Association. His passion for teaching gives his students the benefit of learning from his elaborate experience.