Stanford Internal Training underway

Dec.31st, 2014-as the Y2014 is approaching Y2015, Stanford International College will begin a host of training for staff with an aim to better serving new students over the coming years.

Several experts have been invited to to speak on a selection of subjects from Second Career procedures, financial aid and job placements.

Ms.Helen Gu, a veteran counselor for Second Career procedures, kicked off the first training session. During the training Helen explained the policies and procedures of the SC program and then went to great lengths to elaborate on real situations she has encountered during the past years.

Mr. Pradeep Kugarajah, a 10 year veteran of Financial Aid in Private Career Colleges, gave a comprehensive lecture for 4 Campus Managers of Stanford International College.

With the rapid development happening at the 4 campuses across the Greater Toronto Area, Stanford International College will continue the training and communication in Y2015.

Stanford International College is registered as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. 

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