Stanford College visits Canadore College

Stanford visits Canadore College to discuss  partnership.

NORTH BAY- On January 9, 2013- members of Stanford College travelled to North Bay to meet with Canadore College to discuss operations, admissions, communication and technical matters relating to the Canadore@Stanford Curriculum and Articulation Agreements.

The Canadore@Stanford agreements will benefit students wishing to enroll in Canadore programs in the City of Toronto and those wishing to further their education by articulating to programs at Canadore College in  North Bay.

The morning was devoted to discussion and was followed by lunch in downtown North Bay. Returning to the College Drive Campus International Officer Fraser Mowat led the Stanford group on a tour of the Canadore Campuses visiting  the School of Health, Human Care & Wellness, the School of Media, Design & Dramatic Arts and the School of Aviation.


After a productive and informative day the Stanford team returned to Toronto.

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