NEW-Welding at East York Campus

Are you interested in a career in the booming trades industries? Are you intrigued by the possibility of a reliable career as a professional welder? Stanford International College – Welder Training Program, is a course designed to give you the preparation you will need to enter the welding trade.

Through hands-on, practical learning at the East York Campus, you will work through a range of modules including Introduction and Safety, Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Flux-Cored Arc Welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.

Blueprint Reading, Math, and Symbols for welders are also included in the theory portion of the Welder Training Program. With the Welder Training Programs individualized and personalized instruction, you will learn the skills required for success in today’s job market.

As a graduate of Stanford International College, you will be ready for employment as a professional welder. You may also choose to enhance your skill base and employability by continuing with further welder training and testing. The Welder Training Program is offered at the East York Campus – Stanford International College – 12 Industrial Street, Toronto (Laird/ Eglinton). A self-paced training program, the course is about three and a half months (14 weeks) in duration. For more information call 416-383-1608.

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